Immigration is the most sensitive time in the period of expatriation. For this reason, we rely on a team of immigration and visa experts which allow us to efficiently coordinate and program the work start day for our assigned clients, without jeopardizing the Company nor the client, in case of a non-compliance of the established proceedings.

Our team will support your company in the elaboration of work contracts, letters and all the necessary documents to obtain work permits and visa applications in Chile or through the Consulate. We will also be tracking expiration dates, the timely renewal of immigration documents and the processing of the requirements when departing.

In just one step, the assigned persons have direct access to an immigration service that will support them with the production and collection of their personal background for a visa acquisition, work permits and personal Chilean documents, legalizations, notarized documents and translations. We either represent or accompany them in these presentations before the Administrative Authorities.


We offer services for a work visa application and acquisition for the Company’s executive, and visas for the accompanying partners or dependents. We also offer consulting in writing work contracts and legal documents, as well as obtainment of legal documents, records, identification, driver’s license and a bank account.

These procedures can be done before arriving to Chile in the country of origin’s Chilean Consulate and this would be the most efficient way to obtain a visa. We can also apply for a visa in Chile once the assigned person has arrived. This process takes more than 4 months.

Visas Contacto Chile

Immigration Team

Equipo Inmigración Contacto Chile i.r.s.

Immigration Manager
Valeria Muñoz

Immigration Assistant
Stephany Romero

Finance Assistant
Alejandra Muñoz

Immigration Assistant
Macarena Valenzuela

Immigration Assistant
Gemima Cortez

Types of Visas

Is given to persons that have a work contract in Chile. This visa will only allow them to work with the employer that subscribed the work contract.

Is given to those that have a contract in another country and are assigned to work in Chile. This also applies to independent professionals and persons that have more than one contract.

Other Immigration Services

This permit is given to those that entered the country as tourists and want to work. It is a one month permit which is renewable during the stay as a tourist.

Is given to the residents that have lived in the country for the last year, with a visa subject to a 2-year work contract or a temporary visa for one year.

We give support to register the visa with Immigrations and in obtaining a R.U.T. at the Civil Registration and Identification office. We offer information in the process of obtaining a driver’s license and we also give advice on choosing life insurance and applying for a registered pension plan.

We are present in different consular procedures: getting a passport, applying for visas, certificates and notarized documents.

We provide services to obtain and legalize Chilean documents to be used abroad through our affiliated company

Every step in the immigrant visa program must be complied and undergo the necessary processes required by Chile’s Immigration Law. During this process, ContactoChile i.r.s. will support you with a solid team of professionals, ensuring total compliance.

All ContactoChile i.r.s. employees sign a confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement regarding the use of the information confided to them by the company, the clients or their suppliers. The use of this information is exclusively for authorized purposes with a written permission by the client.

We, ContactoChile i.r.s. employees, represent our company, its clients and Company’s executives and for this reason assume the highest standards of professional and personal conduct with respect, integrity, good judgement, honesty and confidence, in all our actions, regardless of the circumstances.
This policy includes the compliance of all laws, national and international, that forbid improper payments, gifts or incentives of any kind or receiving them from anyone, including officials from private or public sector companies, clients and suppliers.
As a rule, ContactoChile i.r.s. employees must not offer gifts nor hospitality to private or public sector officials. Facilitating payments, of any kind, are not permitted.
ContactoChile i.r.s. does not accept commission payment per client that has been received by certain suppliers: real-estates, hotels, schools or any other supplier of the Relocation chain.