Our experience with the needs of an expat and the knowledge of corporate policies have positioned us as the first Company dedicated to serve in an integrated manner regarding Human Resources Management, as well as the Company’s expat executive, balancing the wishes of the expat with the company’s policies.

This has taught us that exclusive patterns to deliver a good relocation do not exist, thus meaning that the clue to excellence is in the programs and corporate policies services capacity to adapt, plus the confidence of the Company’s executive regarding the experience and intuition of their assigned consultant, and good consulting that will last in time.

Documents Legalization

We directly support Chileans and foreigners who lived in Chile and who need legal documents to be used abroad. Today we are on internet, from this site you can request the preparation of a document, obtaining IT from the different administrative offices, getting the legal translation, in addition to the apostille or corresponding legalization in ministries and consulates. We will send it to you without delay, and without unnecessary problems.

Relocation Team

Equipo Relocation Contacto Chile i.r.s.

Operation Manager
Carmen Gloria Monzo

Relocation Consultant
Ximena Monreal

Relocation Consultant
Barbara Gardulski

Relocation Consultant
Pilar Herrera

Relocation Consultant
Maria Paz Cardenas

Relocation Services

1. Define the company needs.

2. Set the assignee and his family expectations.

3. Combine the two previous steps and design a service according to requirements.

Visited the country and wish to do so to see how people live here in Chile and what to expect before making a decision. This can be chosen separately or as a part of other services.Is oriented to Company executives that have a job offer but have never.

Consists in getting to know the most important aspects of our daily life.
They are: Medical system, private hospitals and ER’s, school insurance / Supermarkets, organic food market suppliers and direct producers / Recycling and donations / Buying a car and documents involved, e-Tags, traffic and car restrictions / Clubs, fitness and extreme sports / Miscellaneous information / Legal and labor standards related to Housekeepers.

We first define the family’s profile, then we conduct a research on what the housing market offers to find a definitive home to settle down.

In the process of settling in this new country we assist you with:

• Buying a car.
• Buying or renting furniture and household items.
• Becoming familiarized with the neighborhood, shopping malls and supermarkets.
• Private hospitals, doctors and dentists.
• Clubs, fitness centers and sports.
• Art classes among others.
• Religious centers.
• Driver’s license.
• Insurance.

Family continuity and growth is our priority, for this reason we offer support with:

• Chilean education system and international school’s orientation.
• School search and selection.
• Programming visits, interviews and tests.
• Tuition, uniforms, books and school supplies.
• Language schools.
• Leveling courses.
• Legalizing of academic certificates and validation of these at the corresponding Ministry.

When the period of stay has ended, we give full support to the Company’s executive in all tasks implicated when leaving the country. We offer:

• Terminating a rental agreement.
• Returning the property.
• Payment of service bills.
• Recovering the deposit.
• Bank account closure.
• Returning the e-Tag
• Getting international moving quotes.

His service takes in consideration a program that aims to sensitizing the client and their family regarding the need of a quick and successful cultural adaptation process. This allows them to deal positively with the change, drawing them closer to the country and optimizing the immersion stage. Our occupational psychologist oversees this service in sessions that are especially designed in accordance to the, one or more, participant’s nationalities.

For the partners and spouses that wish to work in Chile, we offer guidance and support preparing them to settle in seamlessly and present themselves efficiently in a selection process when applying for a job. ContactoChile i.r.s. has a program that includes an experimented professional service focused on organizational matters, selection processes and networking, that is available for the clients and their partners.